We will work to solve your problem as quickly as possible.  However we also ask that you eliminate all possible sources of the problem by performing troubleshooting steps.

Common Issues

Check all your connections to make sure that you have input and output going to the right places.

Make sure you are using the correct type of power supply: regulated 9VDC center-negative.

Try the pedal by itself—just guitar into pedal into amp. If that works, then it’s not the pedal.

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  •  To isolate the problem, disconnect pedals one at a time until the problem disappears. Work from the last pedal in your chain and move toward the first pedal in your chain.
  •  To check for a bad cable, swap cables one at a time with a known good cable.
  •  To check for a bad power supply cable, swap it with a known good supply cable.
  •  To check for a bad power supply (or jack), swap it with a known good supply (or jack).

Requesting Service

Note that a significant percentage of products sent to us for service are found to be 100% functional, and the problem was ultimately due to another product. Follow the troubleshooting steps above to save us both time and money.

Once you are certain your product is not working properly, initiate your service request by contacting us using our contact form. We’ll reply with questions or the information to return your pedal for service.

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