DC Tremola


Tap tempo tremolo pedal with analog audio and digital controls – The `can use it on everything’ pedal

Ever wonder why certain tremolos sound really good and some sound just okay? This difference became crystal clear when we compared the DC analog tremolo with a commercial tap tempo tremolo we modified for one of our customers. The “other” tremolo sounded fine. But it did not sound really good. It didn’t ‘breathe’ like a good tremolo does. So we went on a quest to figure out why … and we did. Now, we offer you a tap tempo tremolo that retains that analog tremolo silky tone and adds a breath of life into your guitar tone.

New Features:
Now our Tremolas include an external 1/8″ tap tempo jack and power-up with the last tempo set.

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One challenge for tempo based purists with a tremolo pedal is the rate has to be ‘dialed-in’ with a knob.  And it is difficult to sync your analog tremolo with your tap tempo delay.   So we at DC Pedals set out to add a tap tempo option to our analog tremolo while preserving the tone and analog wave.  We did it with the DC Tremola.  It has a vintage sine wave was created from the wave in the original fully analog DC Tremolo and is available only in the DC Tremola.

Most of all, it just sounds good.  We also added five other wave shapes (since we had the processing power and memory space).  The six controls adjust volume, depth, symmetry, tap division, wave shape and rate (also set with the tap switch).  Whew! We tried to reduce the number of controls, but believe that they all have great value and you will want access to each of these parameters.

Sound Notes

Handmade with handpicked components and high quality pots, jacks and switches
Digitally controlled tremolo settings with remarkable analog tone
Exclusive DC Pedals Vintage Sine™ Wave
Exclusive Fender® Tremolo wave shape
Square, Ramp, Triangle, DC Vintage Sine™, Partial Vintage Sine, and Fender® Tremolo wave shapes
Adjustable output volume to compensate for fast choppy low-volume settings or even provide a boost
It just sounds good!


Standard ¼” input/output
Powered with a standard 9V center negative DC supply, 30mA typical
Lightweight and small 125B size aluminum enclosure

Special Features

Tap tempo with adjustable time signature (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/8 triplet, 1/16 and 1/16 triplet)
External 1/8″ tap tempo jack
Soft touch tap tempo switch
Rate ranges from 6 BPM to over 15,000 BPM
Pure analog audio path
Internally adjustable gain
DBA Quiet True Bypass™ switching
100% designed, created, and assembled in the USA

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × 2.6 × 1.5 in