DC Sunny Drive-DCO Double


Note: Our DCO/Sunny is now Translucent Blue Flame

The Perfect Match

Our touch-sensitive Sunny Drive and our amp-like DCO in the same enclosure.  And it is smaller than almost all other double drive pedals.  This double-series pedal includes an Order Switch in the center.  It changes which drive is first.  It points to the first drive in the signal chain.


Our Sunny Drive

is a mid gain overdrive with incredible transparency and responsiveness – The clear-choice for clarity.

The DC Pedals Sunny Overdrive is an extension to an existing mild overdrive circuit that responds well to the dynamics of the player and their guitar. The DC team cycled through many component options picking the best recipe for the DC version. This pedal is the most responsive to playing style, pickups, guitars, and other pedals. It loves to play solo as well with others. It sounds fabulous by itself and it compliments almost any other pedal. For worship style, old-school mild breakup, or 80’s pop crunch, this pedal will make you smile.


is a high gain overdrive/distortion with deep lows and thick tone – The “Listen to me” tone.

The DCO started out as an experiment. And after hours of tweaking, listening and more tweaking it has become ourmost unique overdrive. The complex overtones and dense textures from this pedal will push small combo amps into half-stack fullness. It is thick, lush and creamy. But with the clipping lifted and the tone turned up it gets bright like a germanium fuzz. The fat boost will thicken up a Strat or Tele, or push a Les Paul to create a wall-of-sound. Be careful playing this pedal with other electric players … your tone will DOMINATE! This pedal is a must-have if you play in one-guitar bands.

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Note: Our DCO/Sunny is now Translucent Blue Flame
Sound Notes

Handmade with handpicked components and high quality pots, jacks and switches

DCO has internal compression lift switchable jumper

Gain ranges from almost clean to incredibly thick and creamy

DCO side enters into the fuzz pedal territory

Filter control adjusts the overall tonal character of the overdrive (not a typical tone control)

A must-have for single electric players


Standard ¼” input/output

Powered with a standard 9V center negative DC supply, 25mA typical (no battery)

Lightweight 125B size aluminum enclosure

Special Features

DCO has Two cascaded opamps (four gain stages)

Sunny Drive has incredible hand selected clipping diodes

Hand-picked, hand matched clipping diodes and other critical components

DBA Quiet True Bypass™ switching on both drives

100% created and assembled in the USA

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × 2.6 × 1.5 in