DC Boost


Single FET clean boost – The “can-you-hear-me-now” pedal.

The DC Pedals DC Boost is simple one transistor clean boost pedal. It is based on a 1960’s circuit used in the old-school recording studio consoles. It is simple, yet effective. Of course I spent some time tweaking the circuit and component values to get that perfect blend of clarity and boost. It is not too brittle, not too dark … just right.

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Sound Notes

Handmade with hand matched components and high quality pots, jacks and switches

Plenty of gain available pushing a tube amp well into clipping

Simple single gain control crackles when you turn it

A lead player’s dream pedal


Standard ¼” input/output

No battery

Powered with a standard 9V center negative DC supply, 5mA typical

Small lightweight 1590A size aluminum enclosure

Special Features

Very high input impedance, loves to be directly connected to your old-school passive pickups

DBA Quiet True Bypass™ switching

100% created and assembled in the USA

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.6 × 1.5 × 1.0 in