Welcome to our privacy policy.

Web Page Data

We wanted to fill you in on how we gather data and what we do with that data.

We use Google Analytics which grabs data about our visitors. Analytics looks at how someone clicks around our site, how long they spend on the site, what type of device they use or browser and so much more. If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, you can learn more about it here >

Actually we spend most of our time working on new products and gigging, so we don’t spend much time looking at Analytics. We use it mainly to make sure that our website is properly providing a positive experience for those that visit. Such as checking if people prefer mobile over desktop or if page links are accessible and sensible.

The few things we do check all comply with Google Analytics Terms of Service.

But you don’t have to let Analytics track your site behavior, you can opt out of Google’s advertising tracking cookie here > or opt out of all Google Analytics tracking software with this browser plugin >

Mobile App Data

Our Android and iOS apps store local data only.  Location services are required when using Bluetooth Low Energy.  We do not track where you go, nor keep any of your app data on our servers.  All app data is stored locally on your device.