In the Beginning:

DC Pedals started building circuits in a quest for really good tone for an affordable price. After building hundreds of circuits, listening intently to the results, getting feedback from professional players and lots of engineering research and experimentation, we learned how to get good tone. We know how FETs work and how to bias them for the best tone. We know how input and output impedance works on op-amp circuits and how that impedance affects your tone. We know which diodes sound great and which diodes sound good (but not great). We are still learning, but we do know how and why our stuff works and how to get great tone.

Our Products:

Many of our circuits are not original. They are adaptations of the classic circuits offered by some pedal companies today. Some of our pedals are unique circuits available only through DC Pedals. To our ears and the ears of our test community, our pedals sound very, very good. Why? Because using the right parts matters, because designing the right power supply matters, because using the right bypass method matters, because matching or mis-matching parts matters, because the pcb layout matters, because the techniques of the builder matters.

Our Philosophy:

We aspire to offer great pedals and gear. Our focus is on quality of tone, affordability and customer satisfaction. We are concerned not with quantity of dealers, monthly production numbers or total units sold. We are focused on you, your tone and your money.

We want you to smile every time you stomp on your DC Pedals. Now, Let’s Get Loud!


More on Tone…

Comparing two hand-made pedals from two different true boutique-builders is like comparing the main course meal from two different fine restaurants. They will both taste really good. But you’ll like one better than the other because your tastes better align with that chef. The same is true with tone. Buy your pedals from the builder whose tone you like the most. If your builder does not gig using their own products, buy from a different builder who does.

Let’s Get Loud!?

Why do we say that phrase? Because the difference between good tone and great tone is easy to hear when your guitar is loud. It’s really hard to hear the difference between good and great at low volumes or if your guitar is under-mixed. If you always play at really low volumes, or your play in a venue where the guitar is consistently under-mixed, you need a modeler, not pedals and not a tube amp. But if you play loud, or your guitar is in the mix with the vocals, you’ll hear the difference between good gear and great gear. Get great gear.

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